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    About Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor

    Coordinated delivery of a variety of specialty cakes made by some of our best local bakeries. Yum!

    Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor has certainly become the Go To for unique gift creations, deliveries, staging for seasonal & special calendar events, rental property assistance & so much more! Here is how it all began! 

    Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor quietly formed during my nearly 10 years in the hospitality & property management business. During that time period, I learned so much about what guests and vacation property owners needed most. I found many areas that could be filled to make everyone's experience so much better.  From my observations and experiences, Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor seeds were sewn - sprouts here & there and then eventually rooted in 2015. This business was born quite organically - and has bloomed incredibly! It all started with assisting one rental cabin owner in need of a special delivery for some very important clients of his whom were going to be guests of his amazing vacation rental cabin in Gatlinburg. He had made prior arrangements with another company for the delivery, however they apparently bailed on his order and he was in panic and a fury. He wanted something special delivered prior to his guests arrival that would welcome them, and offer them comfort during their stay at his vacation rental home. That is where my mission began. I got off work that evening, went and found all the right items to create a masterpiece! It took me all evening after a long day at work, between gathering of supplies, placing or staging the goods just right to prep for a safe & sturdy delivery on our curvy mountain roads, and filling and wrapping with accents & embellishments to prep for a perfect welcoming display. The delivery was a huge success! The guests were super surprised and very happy, the homeowner was also very happy - and for me, I am pretty sure I was the happiest of all. It felt so good to fill such a need - making people happy. That's what I do - and I love it. 

    Along the way, Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor branched out to also specialize in small event stagings such as for birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, graduations, or even just because occasions. 

    We also offer beautiful & unique decor staging for seasonal periods, primarily fall and Christmas. We can simply stage existing decor, we can personal shop and stage decor, and as well we offer a small selection of seasonal rental items. The seasonal decor options help our homeowners doll up their vacation rentals during holiday seasons, making their homes a beautiful and memorable stand out option for booking guests, repeat guests & is a great tool for encouraging guest referrals. 

    In addition, I have put my years of property management experience to good use by offering special hands on property assessments which produce detailed reports  for our homeowners noting damage, cleanliness, wear & tear issues as well as offering recommendations for improvements to enhance their accommodations. Assistance with with new decor, small furnishings, and home goods is also a handy service that we offer. This service makes updates easy for our homeowners. Helping owners keep their properties fresh, clean, cared for and competitive in this ever changing market is one of our goals. Happy owners make happy cabins - Happy cabins make happy guests - Happy guests make happy owners! 

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    From the first contact, every client of Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor will get the personal, considerate and one on one service they deserve. With complete customer care, endless personal touches, all the way to finished plan - Lil Mama's Baskets & Decor values your business and loves making customers happy! That is what we do!  

    Staging Occasions - Holiday Decor - Gift Wrap/Delivery-Floral Creations - Property Care & More


    We strive to fill every need possible. Let us know how we can help you with your special occasion or your vacation rental home. 

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