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Our Owners - Our Mission

Welcome to the Lil Mama's Baskets & Décor web page designed just for you.  As mentioned on the home page, we have evolved and are standing up to the strong and ever popular need for being your eyes and ears for your overnight rental property. Whether your property is under the care of a management company, or if you list it privately or on a vacation rental website such as VRBO or Air BNB or other - 

We are here to help you and offer the following:

  • A hands on knowledgable approach 
  • Assistance to achieve property preservation
  • Assistance with property protection and care for your investment
  • Providing helpful tools and resources to help your property grow favorably and continue to compete well in an ever changing vacation rental market
  • Gopher services - to assist you with any small task needed such as installation of replacement items such as light bulb changeouts, updating of wall art, re-stocking & organizing kitchen supplies, floor rug change outs. Any of the small stuff - don't sweat it.
  • Rental optimization tools to help boost your revenues and keep your property in great shape as well as competitive.
  • Staging of new décor and furnishings
  • Special routine gifting options to welcome your guests. 
  • Routine or intermittent general property condition inspections and reports. 
  • Creation and installation of décor coordinating door wreaths, swags, & centerpieces. 
  • Coordination and Facilitation of minor maintenance items...and so much more. 

Owning a prosperous vacation rental home is a lot of work. We are her to work closely with you and your management company as needed to create the best vacation rental environment possible. Management companies try to keep on tope of things but marketing and booking your property is their specialty, let us take care of the small stuff before it becomes bigger stuff! It will make a good impression on you and your property, as well as your management company, and most of all, your guests will appreciate your efforts and attention to the finer details. These efforts are sure to encourage repeat business by those guests, raving on line reviews about you and your management company, and produce promising referrals. That is the goal - Together, we make a winning team, that is sure to be recognized and talked about amongst the industry leaders!

Property Owner Help Center

Property Optimization Assessments

Don't have that stunning mountain view at your rental home? Lets see where your next best focal points should be to keep you competitive in todays rental market! Schedule an on site property assessment today! 

General Condition Inspections

Not able to get to your vacation rental property as much as you would like to? If you don't have the time or the resources to get back to check on property as often as you would like, let us help with Interim General Condition Property Inspections, keeping a handle on all of the small maintenance & update concerns, condition of interior décor, appliances   and furnishings, etc. 

Has the lawn been trimmed & decks cleared of debris & cobwebs? Are your gutters clear? Any window screens missing? Faucet handles loose? Is the cabin being cleaned to your standards? Being on top of all of these types of concerns can go along way for you on the rental side of things. While your care taker or management company is trying their very best to keep up with it all, it is challenging to do within the short amount of time that they actually spend in the properties between booking guests.

Being pro-active instead of reactive helps deflect potential guests complaints. All of those things the guests don't want to deal with when on a well paid for vacation.  As well, keeping tedious maintenance items at bay as they become noticeable is so much easier to resolve than a huge list that comes all at once, and then appears to be a ton of major maintenance issues to deal with all at once causing you a huge headache. A well kept home equals happy management companies, happy guests, happy owners and higher revenues and referral rates! 

Other Owner Services

Keep Lil Mama's Baskets & Décor handy in your tool box for some of the following:

  • Guest Appreciation - Schedule routine or intermittent guest gift deliveries - Any